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Grandmaster Craig H. Seavey

Hanshi Seavey started his self-defense training in his late teens. Boxing being his first love, followed by grappling, and soon after he was introduced to the study of Chinese-Kenpo. Under the tutelage of Mitch Handling and Art Singer, Shihan Seavey started his journey of 43 years in the Martial Arts.

Hanshi Seavey managed and was Chief Instructor of two schools in the early 1970’s and fully owned his own by 1973.  Hanshi Seavey added to his grappling skills in California studying with professional wrestler Jerry Christi. His boxing skills were further developed with the help of professional welterweight boxer Sonny Ray in Long Beach, California. Martial Art disciplines were continued with Jeet Kune Do and a kick boxing combination. A life threatening kickboxing injury discontinued his pursuit in the fast growing sport.

Hanshi Seavey’s livelihood consisted of teaching Martial Arts in the day and working in the nightclub business at night. The latter gave Hanshi Seavey many opportunities to develop his realistic concepts that he had learned over the years. Hanshi Seavey credits his bumpy road childhood to helping him to better understand and help guide some of the students that he has taught over the years. "I got into the Martial Arts to help put structure in my own life not for self-defense”, states Hanshi Seavey.  He continues, “The Martial Arts had been my base to help me with most every situation that has come up in my life since I first started studying.  Teaching is a privilege and one of the most gratifying feelings of emotions you can ever have. I still get goose bumps when presenting a new belt to a student. Today I am trying to educate as many people as I can to the benefits and life enhancement skills you can develop from studying the Martial Arts”.

On July 10, 2007 Hanshi Seavey was recognized as the Massachusetts representative of Kuntao-Jiu-Jitsu.


-  Over 40 Years of Professional teaching experience in the Marital Arts

-  1st Descendent of the late Professor Nick Cerio

Professional Experience:

-  Teaching from 1973 to the present

-   Awarded 10th Dan in Ree-System Tae on March 20th, 2008.

-   In 2006 Hanshi was awarded his 10th dan (degree) black belt and recognized as the head of Seavey’s Traditional Kenpo JiuJitsu Martial Arts, specializing in Cerio’s Kenpo.

-  January 11th, 2004 Rocky DiRico international black belt hall of fame inducted Craig Seavey, Hanshi.

-  Inducted to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Most Outstanding Master Instructor For     the Year 2000

-  Inducted into the World Martial Arts Federation and appointed to the Executive Board

-  Awarded Godan rank and Shihan title December 3, 1995 from Professor Cerio

-  Inducted in N.C.I.M.A.A. Hall of Fame 1996 Awarded the Man of the Year Award

-  Awarded the rank of Hachidan, 8th Dan in JiuJitsu in March 2001

-  Awarded the rank of Shichidan, 7th Dan in Cerio’s Kenpo

-  Awarded the rank of Kudan, 9th Dan in Buke Do Kenpo in March 2001

-  In 1999, created KiFit, a three dimensional approach to healing, empowerment and
mental clarity      "From the Inside - Out". KiFit is a combination of gentle movement
exercises that blends          TaiChi, KickBoxing and Yoga; Specialized Meditation; Proper
 breathing skill