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Instructors of Seavey’s Traditional Martial Arts undergo a rigorous teaching program that includes years of hands on student training and guidance for working with diverse cross references of learning.  While each instructor has excelled during their time in the martial arts, they have also shown a genuine and sincere passion for teaching and investing in people from all walks of life.

As a student of Seavey’s Traditional Martial Arts you can expect every instructor to bring a unique combination of structure, discipline, excitement, and energy to class. Click here to read more about our class programs.

* Instructors have all been internationally certified by Hanshi Craig Seavey

Master Instructor, Craig H. Seavey, Hanshi

Shihan Michael Zack

Shihan Stephen Dwyer

Shihan Daniel Anttila

Sensei Paul Lockwood

Dan Coach Dave Chlapowski

Dan Coach Nick Tsantes




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