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Children’s Classes
Seavey’s Traditional Kenpo Jiujitsu specializing in Cerio’s Kenpo provides a diverse and fun learning experience for all children. Our programs go outside of the Dojo to home and the schools with many life value lessons. Wherever your child may be in their life we help to prepaare them mentally and physically for the challenges of the world as it is today.

4 - 6 year old classes
The classes are designed to enable our children to develop communication skills which are our children’s best defense in this world today. S.T.A.R. (Stop, Think, Act and Review) is major component of our program that we use to facilitate communication. Through awareness of their surroundings using the S.T.A.R program our children learn to: take responsibility for their actions, solve problems, develop self confidence, positive attitudes, listening skills and self control.

The class engages and challenges our children physically. Our goals are to enable our children to feel more comfortable, coordinated and understand their own body’s capabilities. Our instructors use a combination of fun listening, copying and agility drills to develop hand eye co-ordination and the ability to be strong to both sides of the body.

7 - 12 year old classes
Details Coming Soon…

Adult classes (13 and Up)
These classes are designed to be inclusive for men and women of all ages and all levels of abilities. The classes provide instruction from certified instructors that will enable you to be more aware of your surrounding, providing real world self defense techniques as well as traditional training. There are also many additional benefits to these classes which include: gaining confidence, strength and conditioning, weight loss, improved co-ordination and flexibility. Martial arts for many is also used as a de-stresser from today’s fast paced and busy work and home environments..

Parent classes
These classes are an introductory class that is specifically designed to enable parent to understand and aid your children starting in their pursuit of martial arts training. These classes teach the parents the same moves and techniques that your children are learning in their classes. This class enables the parents to work with the children at home to create a common bond and allow the children’s skills to grow with greater confidence.

Private classes
These classes create a tailored learning environment to teach the student strategies and concepts that meet the student’s individual needs and abilities. These classes are offered to all ranks. They provide dedicated 1 on 1 time with an instructor to enable the student to develop their skills more quickly and with greater confidence.

Close Quarters Self Defense
For over two decades Law Enforcement and Military personnel have sought out our curriculum to help develop, train, and understand the science of close quarters self defense.

Our curriculum is based on a very unique and in-depth understanding of real world circumstances combined with techniques focusing on 8 areas of discipline: defense, offense, weapons, multiple assailants, time and distance factors, grappling, levels of force, and state of mind. We successfully teach techniques and concepts with rapid succession by drawing out and expanding on previous Academy and Military training.

Hanshi Craig Seavey on training military and law enforcement:
“It’s both a privilege and an honor to contribute to the training of men and women who risk their lives daily for others... to teach them techniques that could one day save their lives and the lives of others.”

For scheduling or more information about programs, workshops, and seminars available to the military and law enforcement please contact Hanshi Craig Seavey today!




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